Mandatory Zoning Requirements

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Zoning Issues Are Complex And Expensive

If you are a builder, developer, contractor or property owner, you are likely familiar with mandatory zoning requirements for your area. They can cause issues for you from start to finish: where you can build, the type of building, building specifications and more. It can cause expensive delays or even stop you from building.

At McCarthy & Allen, we are experienced construction law attorneys. We have served residents of Illinois in construction-related matters for years and are able to efficiently and effectively solve your mandatory zoning issues.

What Do Zoning Requirements Do?

Zoning requirements can lay out detailed specifications for businesses, such as:

  • Height of buildings
  • Building location
  • Use of the building
  • Architectural style of the building

Zoning issues not only affect newly-built construction but the remodeling of buildings that already exist. At our firm, we are very familiar with the zoning requirements of our community and are able to guide you through them. We can answer your questions and even help you appeal if the local government decides that you have violated ordinances.

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