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Posts tagged "Estate Administration & Probate"

Do you need to know the basics of probate?

Whether you are putting together an estate plan or are responsible for administering a loved one's estate, having the right information can make your task easier. Understanding the basics of what happens during probate may change how you would create your estate plan. It may also give you an idea of what your responsibilities are as executor of a Georgia estate.

Where do pets fall when it comes to estate administration?

Millions of Americans, including many here in Illinois, consider their pets members of the family. As such, they may want to provide for them after death. When it comes to estate administration, executors and trustees are tasked with carrying out the wishes of the decedent by making sure they honor the provisions regarding pets.

How probate goes can depend on how property is titled

When creating an estate plan, you will have several decisions to make. If one of your goals is to help your surviving family members avoid the Illinois probate process, how to do that may take center stage for you. In many cases, how you title your property and how you fill out your beneficiary designations removes the need to probate many of your assets. For other assets, you could use a revocable living trust.