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Posts tagged "Construction Litigation"

Words have power in construction contracts

Whether you are remodeling or starting a new build, you will more than likely need help. After locating an Illinois construction company with which you want to work, you will then enter into a contract for the work. You may find it helpful to know that the wording in construction contracts has the power to either help or hurt your situation.

Home builder disputes can come from a variety of sources

Whether you are the owner or the Illinois construction company handling the project, you will more than likely need to attend to numerous legal and business issues. With so many moving parts involved in construction projects, the potential for home builder disputes is often high. It may be a good idea to take a look at as many of those parts as possible in order to predict from where the more obvious problems could arise.

Would arbitration be a better way to resolve your issues?

The prospect of spending hours in an Illinois courtroom litigating a dispute may not be enticing. Even so, you and the other party are unable to resolve your disputes on your own. You need another alternative that provides some measure of formality, yet does not mean airing your disputes in public or spending countless hours and dollars in court. If this scenario sounds familiar, arbitration may be the alternative you seek.

Do your construction contracts help or hurt your business?

New building projects, renovations and demolitions happen all the time here in Illinois. Developers and real estate moguls may look to your company to handle the construction. The question is whether your construction contracts help or hurt the success of your business. 

What Homeowners Can Do Following Construction Defects

Even homeowners who spend extensive amounts of time and money planning the perfect home can be affected by construction defects. In many cases, the homeowners are unaware that any defects exist until a significant amount of time has passed, which makes it difficult to hold contractors responsible.

Illinois home builder disputes sometimes involve city government

A recent disagreement between a city government and a private community member has made the news. The Illinois home builder disputes involve the construction of a garage roof at a man's home. The city filed a lawsuit, claiming that he was taking too long to get the job done.

Expert witnesses are often key in construction litigation

As we have mentioned before in this blog, construction litigation often comes down to the testimony of expert witnesses. Each side usually will bring in an expert to evaluate the alleged defects. They may come up with very different interpretations of the evidence, and it could be up to the judge or jury to decide which expert’s opinion they find most credible.

University says dorm's floor construction makes it ugly

While most of the construction litigation we discuss on this blog has to do with accusations of work that left the building crumbling or unsafe, that is not always the case. In the case we will discuss today, the plaintiff admits that the building the defendant firms worked on is perfectly safe. Instead, the case is about whether the builders’ work is nice to look at.

How a subcontractor shows it is legitimate in Illinois

When a construction job is large or complex, it is common for more than one company to be involved. The builder hired by the owner may in turn reach agreements with other companies to perform certain portions of the construction. These secondary businesses are known as subcontractors, because they contract with the primary company, known as the general contractor.