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Posts tagged "Business Formation & Planning"

The importance of business formation for real estate investors

Many Illinois entrepreneurs choose to invest in real estate. Perhaps they want to "flip" houses or invest in commercial real estate. In any case, it may be a good idea for them to consider the importance of business formation when it comes to owning real estate. Single-purpose limited-liability companies provide numerous benefits to those who wish to own properties for investment purposes.

Another business formation task: Choosing the right retail space

When Illinois entrepreneurs decide to start a new retail venture, many of them will need a location from which to operate. Choosing a retail space is not as easy as finding an empty space in a strip mall, however. Numerous factors go into making the decision, which makes this an important task during the business formation process.

When business formation includes budgeting for retail space

Money is often an important part of the planning process for any Illinois entrepreneur. This often makes budgeting a crucial part of any business formation efforts. When a new venture includes finding a retail space, it may help to make sure that everything is considered when creating a budget for it.

Consider your insurance needs during business formation

You have a lot to do as you start your new company here in Illinois. What type of entity should you form? Where will you conduct your business? Will you need employees? Another question that you may want to ask yourself during the business formation process is what types of insurance you need.

Business formation: Is a sole proprietorship your best choice?

Are you like many other Illinois entrepreneurs who do not like paperwork? If so, as you ponder all of the business formation decisions you must make, you may be considering doing business as a sole proprietorship. While this type of entity has its advantages, you may want to take the time to understand the drawbacks as well.

Business formation issues: Starting a corporation

With all of the entity choices that Illinois entrepreneurs can choose from, you may have settled on starting a corporation. This is just one of the decisions you make during business formation that helps to guide the course of your business. Now that you have made your decision, setting up this type of entity needs to be done correctly in order to spare you from future problems.

What to think about during business formation

One decision that nearly every Illinois entrepreneur makes when starting a new venture is under what type of entity to operate. This may just be one of the most important considerations during the business formation process. The choice of entity that you make sets up the framework for the business from now into the future.

Partnership agreements are safety nets for Illinois businesses

When Illinois partners join forces to start a business, they may feel everything is lining up in their favor. Typically, at the beginning of a business relationship, everything goes smoothly. The partners may have similar goals and follow similar paths to achieve them. However, as the business progresses, there are bound to be disagreements, confusion or challenges that can bring tension to the partnership. To avoid having those challenges result in an irrevocable rift that can signal the end of the business, partners are wise to establish firm and legally binding partnership agreements.

Are operating agreements really necessary for LLCs?

The simple answer to that question is yes. Even though Illinois does not require your limited liability company to have an operating agreement, it could provide you with many benefits. Operating agreements outline how the company will function, among other things, and putting those kinds of details in writing could help give your new company direction and avoid many potential conflicts in the future.

What you do during a business formation affects its future

As an Illinois entrepreneur, you are probably a "glass half full" type of person, and you may not be intimated by the fact that only about half of the small companies formed today will survive to their five-year anniversary. It may make you wary, however, and want to make sure that you do everything in your power to be one of those still standing after five years. You may already know that what you do during your business formation has a profound effect on its future.