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Without trust and equality, a marriage could end in divorce

As most people here in Illinois and elsewhere know, love is a strange emotion. It can create the foundation for a relationship that will last forever, or it can become perverted by issues such as jealousy and inequality. In a marriage where the parties are not equal and trust issues permeate it, divorce could be inevitable.

How divorce porceedings change due to a job loss

It may feel like it to Illinois residents who are in the process of ending their marriages, but life does not stop because of it. Because of this, divorce proceedings can take a dramatic turn when circumstances change dramatically. For example, what happens if one of the parties loses his or her job during the process?

In 2019, this issue still leads to divorce for some couples

It is 2019, and gender roles within families are more blurred than they have been at any other point in the country's history. Despite this fact, when it comes to divorce, one factor increases the possibility of divorce by 33% -- who makes more money. Societal expectations continue to view the man as the primary breadwinner in the family whether couples live here in Illinois or elsewhere across the country.

Behaviors couples exhibit prior to wanting a divorce

Some Illinois residents may be on the fence regarding whether they need to end their marriages. They feel that something is not right, but may not yet be ready to file for divorce. It may help to understand some of the common behaviors couples exhibit that could indicate that they want a divorce.

Divorce could actually help children thrive

Many Illinois parents hesitate to end their marriages because they feel it would adversely affect their children. Their hearts may be in the right place, but remaining in these circumstances could actually do more harm than good. In reality, divorce could actually help the children thrive.

Retirement plans can change with a late-in-life divorce

While the number of couples between the ages of 25 and 39 here in Illinois and elsewhere ending their marriages appears to be dropping, the number of people ages 50 and up doing the same thing has risen. Older couples may not have to worry about issues such as child support and custody, but they often wonder how the divorce affects their retirement plans. After spending years, if not decades, making plans for their golden years, this time in their lives can leave them uncertain about the future.

Ways the younger generation have changed the face of divorce

In decades past, ending a marriage came with a great deal of stigma, especially for women. As the generations passed and the views of marriage changed, here in Illinois and across the country, so has the way younger couples divorce. With the advent of the digital age, the divorce process continues to undergo changes.

Money continues to be a factor in divorce

Illinois couples argue about many things since no one can agree on everything all the time. The difference is whether the relationship can survive these disagreements, and the fact is that some do not. One source of contention that continues to be a factor in divorce is money.

What drives up divorce filings at the beginning of the year?

It seems as though the beginning of a new year is a time for people to start over and make changes in their lives. How many Illinois residents make resolutions at this time of year to better themselves in some way? They take stock in their lives and look to weed out anything that did not serve them in the previous year. For some people, including many here in Illinois, this includes filing for divorce.

Dividing debts in an Illinois divorce

Many people here in Illinois can attest to the fact that ending a marriage affects the financial stability of both parties. While some of this is attributed to the division of assets and the increase in bills that come from supporting two households instead of one with the same monetary resources, that is not the only source of an economic downturn. The division of debts is another consideration in a divorce that many people tend not to want to think about, or forget about in the beginning.