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Estate planning is a critical tool for managing the disposition of assets such as real estate, financial instruments, investments and personal property. Careful estate planning can minimize estate and gift taxes and preserve property for generations to come. Additionally, estate planning is crucial in responsibly planning for the event of incapacity and making end-of-life decisions. At McCarthy & Allen, a law firm in Madison County, our estate planning lawyers advise individuals and families on estate planning options to help them obtain peace of mind.

Our goal is to assist clients in achieving their long-term objectives in a legally effective and prudent manner.

Estate Planning Services

We offer comprehensive estate planning services, including the following:

Whether you have a simple estate or a complex estate with a significant amount of assets and property, we can readily assist you in crafting a detailed and tailored estate plan.

Probate, Estate And Trust Administration In Illinois

When a loved one passes away, navigating the probate and estate administration process is an important and necessary legal step. Obtaining qualified legal counsel can ease your worries and help ensure the process is completed in a competent manner. In the event that a family dispute or will contest arises, experienced counsel is critical in litigating estate matters.

At McCarthy & Allen, we provide personal and sensitive representation for probate and estate administration matters, including those involving complex estates with significant assets. In the case of individuals who may become incapacitated whether because of poor health or another reason, we also help clients arrange powers of attorney to allow their family to make healthcare and financial decisions for them.

Guardianships And Powers Of Attorney

A guardianship is a powerful legal tool to protect a loved one or elderly family member who becomes incapacitated — that is, unable to manage his or her own affairs and make legally effective decisions. Illinois law provides for two types of guardianships. One allows a designated individual to make decisions for the incapacitated person. The other grants control over financial matters. In many cases, it is wise and necessary to seek both types of guardianship in the same proceeding.

When considering whether to pursue guardianship, it is critical to obtain competent legal counsel. At McCarthy & Allen, we guide clients through the guardianship process and strive to help them obtain a positive outcome.

Powers of attorney allow designated people (agents) to make decisions and manage someone else’s health care and/or property in case of incapacitation or other situations. For example, the person who has created a health care power of attorney (the principal) may specify that in the event of a deteriorating condition, their agent can ask doctors to transition from aggressive medical treatment and therapy to palliative care. Through a durable power of attorney, a principal may also give the agent permission to sell real estate and manage bank accounts on their behalf, under specific circumstances. Talk with an experienced lawyer about the powers of attorney that can complete your estate plan in accordance with your wishes.

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