Construction Defects

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Building and remodeling involve significant investments of time, resources and finances. Despite the best efforts of everyone involved, construction defects can — and do — occur in new construction and in the repair or remodeling of residential and commercial properties. The law may provide recourse when construction defects arise. When considering or faced with construction defect litigation, it is important to obtain legal counsel from a qualified attorney.

Discovering Construction Defects And Defending Against Allegations Of Defects

Oftentimes, property owners do not discover defects until the construction is complete. Sometimes the defects may not become apparent until further down the road. Assessing the damage, arranging repairs and preventing further harm can be a significant financial drain.

On the other hand, home vendors who have been accused of selling defective homes may be facing serious legal obstacles. Even unproven allegations can have a disastrous impact on the vendor’s reputation.

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In either scenario, legal help is available. McCarthy & Allen, a law firm in Glen Carbon, Illinois, provides competent and quality legal representation in construction law disputes. We provide personalized and tailored legal counsel in representing homeowners, home vendors and construction companies.

Disputes over construction defects often end up in court. Navigating the litigation process requires experience, legal acumen and in-depth familiarity with Illinois construction law.

At McCarthy & Allen in Glen Carbon, our lawyers are experienced litigators who have been practicing law for more than 50 years, collectively. We understand the procedural and substantive requirements of proving — or defending against — even the most complex construction defects cases. Our attorneys work one-on-one with clients to achieve positive outcomes.

Common Construction Defects

Construction defects are generally defined as deficiencies in the design, planning or construction of the structure that reduce the property’s value. In some cases, defects may be obvious; they may cause immediate and visible damage. Other defects, however, are not so easily detected ― called “latent defects,” these hidden defects are often more difficult to prove.

Examples of common construction defects include:

  • Structural deficiencies
  • Heating, electrical and mechanical defects
  • Defective construction materials
  • Subsurface problems leading to settling, shifting or flooding
  • Water seepage and faulty drainage
  • Engineering or design defects
  • Poor workmanship

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