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Business valuation: What is it and how is it determined?

Ending a marriage in court is never any easy process, as many Illinois residents who have gone through it may attest. Extenuating circumstances can complicate matters even further, such as disagreements regarding care and upbringing of children or marital property, etc. When a divorcing couple owns a business together, a business valuation is typically needed before a judge can determine its asset value and how it should be divided, if at all.

Biological father fighting for child custody

Several years ago, in a state outside Illinois, a child was removed from the custody of her mother because the mother was deemed incompetent by the court due to drug problems. A married couple took the child in as foster parents. Since then, a situation has developed involving the child's biological father who was recently released from prison and is now fighting for child custody.

Requesting modifications of existing child custody order

Illinois parents often return to court after divorce when various circumstances arise regarding their children. From child support issues to court order modifications, there are many reasons a parent may seek the court's approval or intervention months or even years after a divorce is finalized. Sometimes, the process is swift, and parties reach amicable solutions. Other times, a parent may run into obstacles if the other parent refuses to cooperate.

A former wife is back in court to fight for alimony

Many former couples in Illinois are able to reach amicable settlements in divorce. However, settlement agreements must be kept by both sides in order to obtain such positive results. If a former spouse does not adhere to the terms contained in an agreement, trouble may ensue. This appears to be the case for one woman who has gone back to court to fight for alimony she says she's entitled to but has yet to receive.

Fathers' rights major child custody issue in Illinois

There are all sorts of reasons two parents in Illinois might fight over the future care and upbringing of their children, and such arguments are common in divorce. In divorces, certain issues are prone to contention, one of them being child custody. One would assume most parents desire what is best for their children; the problem is that during a custody battle, parents might have opposing opinions on the issue.

Practical tips that may help during Illinois business formation

Budding entrepreneurs in Illinois have much to think about and plan when developing new ideas for businesses. The business formation phase of a project is often crucial toward its future success potential. There are several things to keep in mind when entering this stage.

Bristol Palin says Dakota Meyer may have visitation, not custody

Former Governor Sarah Palin's daughter, Bristol Palin, is currently facing legal challenges regarding her 2-month-old daughter and the baby's father, Dakota Meyer. Many parents in Illinois might relate to Bristol's situation, battling with the parent with whom one shares a child for custody or visitation. Such matters are often decided in court, and it makes sense to secure the guidance of an experienced family law attorney.

Handling the finances of an Illinois divorce

It's been suggested that approximately three out of every 1,000 marriages came to an end in 2014. Some couples filed for divorce; others received annulments. Regardless of the type of dissolution an Illinois couple files for, one commonality among them is that breaking up a marriage can be financially devastating to those involved.

Finding legal help when seeking modifications to court orders

Illinois couples who divorce often resolve legal issues surrounding the future care and upbringing of their children. Every family situation is unique and each faces issues particular to their lifestyle, daily needs and overall family dynamics. Each parent is obligated to comply with any court orders rendered as resolutions to those issues. Life is an ever-changing event, however, and sometimes circumstances arise where a parent determines a need to seek modifications to an existing court order.

Will you pay taxes on alimony in Illinois?

Some divorces involve one former spouse making payments to the other former spouse in order to provide continued financial support as he or she moves forward in life. This type of post-marital payment is known as alimony, though it is not always ordered by the court in a divorce. Typically, if a divorce decree includes provisions for alimony, then certain tax laws will apply to both the payer and the recipient. Illinois residents might wish to note a recent case that pertained to this issue.