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Use estate planning to make things easier on the family

Most Illinois residents want to make sure their family members do not have to go through anything unnecessary in order to take care of them both before and after death. Estate planning can help make sure that does not happen. Without the proper documentation in place, the state decides where assets go upon death and/or family members must go to court to determine how to handle certain issues.

Seniors should beware of estate planning scams

Just as is the case anywhere in the country, anyone here in Illinois can become the victim of a scam, but it is seniors who seem to be the largest target group. Scams come from a variety of sources, even estate planning. People prey on the fact that seniors may not have put a plan into place yet and may feel pressured to execute one.

Letting loved ones know how estate administration should happen

Illinois residents know that they have the right to choose what happens to their assets after they pass away, but far too few people actually take advantage of this right. An estate plan allows them to let their loved ones know how they expect estate administration to go. Otherwise, it will be up to the state and the courts.

Deciding how the probate process will go

Many people still question why they need estate plans. One of the primary reasons for going through estate planning is to have some say in how the probate process will go. Otherwise, the state of Illinois makes the choice of how things proceed and who receives what of a decedent's estate.

Take it slow when it comes to estate administration

Even when the death of an Illinois resident is not sudden or unexpected, surviving family members still need time to grieve. Some people may even panic, even if only a little since they may have relied on the decedent for support. Starting the estate administration process does need to happen within a decent time frame, but there is no need to rush into it in the first few days.

Will a revocable living trust help with estate administration?

When it comes to figuring out how to best provide for family members after one's death, Illinois residents have numerous choices. One of those choices is to use a revocable living trust. For many people, this type of trust helps simplify estate administration.

Making sure probate goes according to plan

Even though most people do not like to contemplate their own demise, most Illinois residents have some idea of how they would like their estates distributed after the pass away. Without an estate plan in place, those wishes may not be carried out. In order to help make sure that probate goes according to plan, certain steps need to take place.

Estate administration issues: Who pays the decedent's debts?

Losing a parent is bad enough, but realizing that wrapping up his or her financial affairs involves numbers and paperwork can make the situation that much more difficult. One of the estate administration duties that adult children here in Illinois and across the country must deal with is the debts that a parent left behind. With the economy the way it has been in recent decades, many parents of adult children pass away with debts, and creditors may be vying for payment -- from any source they can.

Does estate administration have to include probate?

When making plans for the future, many Illinois residents attempt to avoid contemplating their own death. When they are able to overcome their reticence about estate planning, it may be a good idea to focus on avoiding probate. Estate administration does not necessarily have to involve probate.

Making estate administration easier for surviving family members

More than likely, Illinois residents do not want to have to pay any more in taxes than absolutely necessary. This also applies to estate taxes, which is seen as a primary motivator for estate planning. Since most people do not have an estate large enough to worry about estate taxes, they may not think that having a plan is necessary. However, many other reasons exist for having a plan in place, and one of those reasons is to make estate administration easier for surviving family members.