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Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner heading for very friendly divorce

Some Illinois parents understand what's like to end their marital ties, then face months (or years) of courtroom battles regarding various issues relating to their children. Not every divorce is contentious, however. In fact, some people (such as Hollywood stars Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner) are so determined to keep their children's best interests at heart, one might think they were best friends rather than married spouses in the midst of divorce proceedings.

Ways to avoid stress during divorce

When you got married, you likely never imagined you'd one day be standing in an Illinois courtroom fighting for custody of your children. While most couples hope their unions will last a lifetime, the reality is that many marriages are at some risk for divorce. What makes one couple decide to stay together and another to divide their assets and go their separate ways is different for everyone.

Problem signs that suggest marriage is headed for divorce

Illinois couples who marry are likely the same as many others who enter their unions hoping and believing their commitments will last their lifetimes. Statistics show this is not always possible, however. Readers concerned about divorce may want to consider several red flag issues that may suggest marital trouble is brewing.

Solving house-selling problems related to divorce

Various issues may arise when a married couple in Illinois no longer wishes to remain together. Divorce is often a difficult and lengthy process. If a couple owns a home together, they may face challenges when it comes to deciding whether the house they shared in marriage should be sold.

Options for those facing child custody challenges in Illinois

When divorce involves a break down in communication between former spouses, adapting to new lifestyles may prove challenging. Especially with regard to child custody, visitation or child support issues, stress levels can skyrocket if a former spouse refuses to cooperate or compromise. There are several options available when seeking experienced guidance in such circumstances.

Resolving Illinois contract disputes in a timely manner

There are all sorts of booming businesses throughout Illinois. Some of these exist in cyberspace only, while others comprise brick and mortar buildings. In all types of business, contract disputes are a risk and typically something business owners try to prevent. Those that linger can cause great impediments to productivity and profitability.

Seeking child support in an Illinois divorce

Illinois parents choosing to divorce often face challenges regarding various issues that pertain to the future care and upbringing of their children. Divorce is seldom easy, and every member of a family is forced to make changes and adapt to new lifestyles that may include different standards of living from what they were used to in the past. Often, a parent finds it necessary to seek financial support for children in preparation for life after divorce.

Legal challenges continue for Sinead O'Connor after divorce

When two people in Illinois choose to end a marriage, the impact of the situation may be long-lasting. Every couple's situation is different, and when extenuating circumstances are present, it often makes matters more difficult. This seems to be the case for rock superstar Sinead O'Connor after her divorce from her former husband. She recently published an angry letter to him and their adult son, saying she looks forward to the day when they can all hash out their situation in court for the public to see.