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Special programs president files breach of contract claims

The president of Pinnacle Behavorial Health, a special services program outside Illinois, has become engaged in a contentious battle against a local school board (and its superintendent) with whom it was contracted to provide services. The president of the special services program has filed breach of contract claims against the defendants. She has also requested that the court prohibit the school from canceling the contract.

Book sellers protest new operating agreements

The business world in Illinois and beyond has expanded in recent years. The Internet has created the opportunity to increase income exponentially for those with products to sell. Some business owners offer hard copy products; others market items in digital forms. This modern sales territory has created a number of legal issues, including those recently mentioned in a lawsuit filed by two independent books stores. They say that new operating agreements required by a particular law are in violation of their constitutional rights.

Breach of contract claims filed against company in Illinois

When two or more parties enter into a lawful business contract, the conditions and stipulations of that contract are binding. If one of the signed parties refuses to honor the contract or fails to perform any action or service required by the contract, it is sometimes grounds for legal action against the party deemed in violation of the agreement. Such breach of contract claims were recently filed by Wencel Worldwide Inc. against Resource Automotive Company in Illinois.

Breach of contract claims filed against auto dealership

In Illinois, as in other states, when a person or company is unjustly enriched at the expense of another, there might be an obligation for restitution to be made. In a recent case, breach of contract claims were filed by a company that says it was hired to place advertisements online for a car dealership. According to the advertiser, the company never made good on the payments due.

Breach of contract claims filed by food supplier

In recent times, various news stations have reported an avian influenza virus that has apparently swept through poultry farms in the United States. Millions of egg-laying chickens have died, and photographs have been published showing truck loads of hen carcasses being removed from farms for burial. The situation has caused legal issues for some. Illinois readers might be interested in a recent case where one food supplier has filed breach of contract claims against an egg farmer, asserting that the farm should be held liable for the loss of revenue the hen/egg shortage has caused to the supplier.

Legal issues sometimes arise in a family owned business

In Illinois, there are a number of businesses that provide service to the their communities in a variety of ways. A family owned business might be among those that face legal issues at some point with regard to their transactions. Most business owners want to make certain that they have a clear understanding of applicable laws and regulations from the time of their start-up throughout the expansion and duration of their enterprise.

What you must do before dissolving your business

Closing down your business does not have to be a sad time. Perhaps you want to retire. Or maybe you are ready to move on to new challenges, even though the business is financially healthy, and you do not want to sell to someone else. Of course, not wanting to deal with a struggling business is also a good reason to dissolve it.

What is the process of buying a business in Illinois?

Starting a new business can be exciting for many people, but daunting for others. Those interested in owning a business, such as in the construction industry, may prefer instead to buy an existing business. This way, they inherit the company’s name, reputation, workforce and equipment.

How do business partnerships work?

Starting a new business means creating a small business for most people. The average person lacks the financial resources to immediately hire hundreds of employees and set up locations around the country. At least at first, the business is likely to have a small workforce and a relatively simple management structure.