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Child Custody Archives

Summer vacation doesn't mean your visitation rights go on hiatus

When you became one of many other divorced parents in Illinois, you likely determined you'd not allow the situation to cause a breakdown in your relationship with your children. You worked long and hard to negotiate a viable visitation plan. However, with summer vacation just around the bend, you may now be worried how it might affect your current custody agreement.

Who gets to say what is best when child custody issues arise?

Some of the Illinois divorces that occur this year will involve parents who want to keep their children's best interests at heart as they sever marital ties and move forward to new lifestyles. Most parents agree that keeping what's best for children a main focal point is of paramount importance in divorce. In fact, the courts require it. The question is: Who gets to define that when child custody issues arise?

What is virtual visitation, you ask?

Illinois parents who divorce face many challenging issues concerning their children. First of all, decisions about very basic matters, such as where children will live after a divorce is finalized, must be made. If parents agree on such matters, the court need merely approve their plan to move forward in life. However, if disagreements regarding visitation, custody or support arise, outside intervention may be needed to rectify a particular problem.

Another state's testimony laws in child custody cases may change

Illinois parents who've divorced understand how challenging it can be to develop new parenting plans that keep children's best interests at heart. Many say children themselves should be consulted more often when it comes to decisions regarding child custody and visitation. In fact, one state is considering changing its current laws pertaining to the testimony of children in family court.

Robin Thicke and former wife fighting over child custody

Actor Alan Thicke unexpectedly passed away in December 2016. His son, Robin, did not invite his former wife to his father's funeral. He later claimed she never liked his father anyway and would only want to be there for publicity purposes. He has also stated that their current child custody battle began when she grew angry at being excluded from her former father-in-law's burial services. Some Illinois readers may relate to such issues.

Father fighting for change in child custody laws

Many Illinois parents understand what it is like to go through a court battle regarding custody of their children. A man in another state had been engaged in a child custody fight with the mother of his three children. He was eventually granted custody by the court, but a tragedy soon afterward changed his life forever.

Another NBA player involved in child custody battle

Just weeks ago, news of Scottie Pippin's contentious divorce situation spread throughout Illinois and across the internet. This week, another NBA player is in the news after a small victory in a circuit court regarding an ongoing child custody battle. DeAndre Jordan was reportedly reduced to tears when a judge granted him rights to have overnight sleepovers with his 1-year-old son.

Avoiding visitation problems during the holidays

Adapting to a new parenting plan after divorce can be quite challenging for former spouses in Illinois and elsewhere. With a new holiday season approaching, many parents might be worried that confusion or discord will arise regarding visitation schedules. To prevent such problems, some people have special holiday instructions included in their court orders.

How post-decree modifications can affect lifestyles

Former spouses facing child-related issues in Illinois may be greatly challenged by disagreements regarding what is best for a child. Achieving an amicable solution is often easiest when experienced assistance is sought. Especially in situations in which one parent is requesting modifications to an existing court order, the potential outcome may bear significant impact on a family's lifestyle, making it beneficial to act alongside outside representation.

Basketball star Scottie Pippen facing child custody issues

Divorce for couples in Illinois or elsewhere is seldom easy, and extenuating issues involving children often make it all the more challenging. When people engaged in a child custody battle happen to be famous, things can get very stressful when their family business is aired to the nation. Former NBA player Scottie Pippen can likely relate to this. He has divorced from his wife of 19 years, and the two are currently battling over custody and child support.