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Contracts are a common source of business litigation

Illinois companies that enter into contracts with others agree to fulfill their part of them. When they fail to do so, they are said to have breached those contracts by failing to act in accordance with the terms in them. It is not hard to imagine that these disputes would be a common source of business litigation.

Learn more about breach of contract in business litigation

Many Illinois business owners already have some understanding of what a breach of contract is. However, there is more to this often-cited reason for business litigation than just not meeting the obligations in an agreement. Gaining a better understanding of whether a breach actually occurred could help avoid going to court or at least provide the potential for other avenues of dispute resolution.

Beer companies settle contentious business litigation

Times are tough for everyone as many individuals and businesses here in Illinois can attest. A leaner economy appears to be behind some contentious business litigation between MillerCoors and Pabst Brewing Company. The matter recently went to trial, but instead of waiting for a verdict, the two companies recently reached a settlement.

Contracts can protect your business relationships

It does not matter what type of industry you are in here in Illinois. At some point, you will enter into contracts with other parties. These agreements protect your relationships with the companies you do business with by making it clear what each party expects of the other.

Business litigation: Are you accused of breach of contract?

When parties enter into a contract here in Illinois or elsewhere, the possibility always remains that a dispute will arise regarding the products or services or the payment for them. If that happened to you, and the other party accuses you of breaching the contract you entered into, you retain the right to defend yourself. There are viable defenses to this type of business litigation.