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3 ways to divorce-proof your company

As an entrepreneur, you have a lot of things to consider when starting your company. The business formation process requires you to factor in a lot of variables to ensure the future of your entity is successful and stable. One important consideration is how the business will affect-and be affected by-your marriage.

Can I keep my family from arguing over my estate after my death?

You pride yourself in the closeness and love your family shares. As such, you might not worry too much about what happens after your death. Your loved ones respect each other, and you are sure they can sort out where your heirlooms and mementos go when you are gone. After all, you have already taken care of the important aspects of your estate, such as your home and life insurance, in your will. However, can you and other Illinois residents really expect everything will run smoothly after the funeral?

A construction defect can put a damper on your new home

It is an exciting, as well as stressful, time when you have just closed on your home and are getting ready to move in. The last thing you want to discover is something wrong with your house that has the potential to lower its value and make living uncomfortable or even dangerous. Hopefully, the inspection that was made prior to signing the final paperwork revealed any potential problems and allowed you to address them. Unfortunately for many Illinois homebuyers, however, is the possibility of an unforeseen construction defect creating problems down the line.

Methods your spouse may use to hide property

If you believe you and your husband or wife are heading toward a divorce, you may have doubts about whether he or she is being honest with you with regard to finances, relationships and related matters. Often, marriages break down when spouses no longer trust one another, and if you are in such a marriage, you may have suspicions about your spouse hiding assets from you in an attempt to get ahead before the divorce.

4 tips for co-parenting on Thanksgiving

When you are divorced, Thanksgiving can be a stressful holiday. The day is centered around spending time with family, so you may be dreading it this year. It is common to feel anxiety, stress and frustration as you think about the beginning of the holiday season.

What you need to know about disclosure in real estate

When buying real estate in Illinois, the state has specific requirements about what a seller must tell the buyer about the property. This is a safeguard to help ensure the buyer is aware of issues the seller knows about. While it does not take the place of an inspection, it can bring to light issues that the buyer may want to have resolved before completing the purchase.

Does fault matter in divorce?

Many years ago, a divorce was only granted if one of the parties could prove that the other had done something so egregious that the marriage had no hope of continuing. These divorces were called “at-fault” and the reasons one could file were enumerated in the state statutes.