How can you reduce the risk of construction defect claims?

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How can you reduce the risk of construction defect claims?

On Behalf of | May 27, 2022 | Contract Disputes

You cannot please everyone when you work in construction However detailed the plans, however much you explain things, and however hard you try, there will always be someone who is unhappy with your work.

This can be troubling when you put so much time and effort into completing the work as agreed and pleasing them. In the worst cases, it can even end up in court.

Here are some ways you reduce the likelihood of construction defect claims. Here are some ideas:

Pick your clients carefully

However big a contract, there is little point in taking it if there is a high chance it will end in problems. If you get a bad feeling when you first meet a client, consider walking away or at least checking with anyone who has previously done work for them.

Choose your staff and subcontractors carefully

If you are already working at the limit of your staffing capacity, you may think you can accept a new job by bringing people in to help you cover it. Doing so is putting your reputation in the hands of others. If you do bring new contractors in, make sure you supervise them adequately.

Document everything

Verbal agreements put you at far greater risk of misunderstandings and consequent problems than putting everything in writing. Every time there is a change, put it on paper and get the other party to sign it. It may seem overkill, but if you comply with what you agree, it reduces the chance the client can complain.

Despite all your precautions, a construction dispute could still occur. If so, getting legal help will be crucial to protecting your business.


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