2 times the courts may approve relocation with your children

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2 times the courts may approve relocation with your children

| Oct 19, 2021 | Child Custody

Sharing custody of your children can be a frustrating experience, as there are many restrictions on what you can do with your time and with your children. For example, you no longer have the freedom to simply move wherever you want. Instead, you have to notify your ex and the courts if you intend to leave the state or move a substantial distance from where you cohabitated with your ex previously. 

If your ex doesn’t approve the relocation request, you will have to go to court and litigate a modification. When might the courts agree that relocating with you would be best for the children?

When there will be more social support

Did you leave your family home to follow your ex into the state for a job? Does that mean you want to move back home to Wisconsin to be close to your family? Especially if your children have pre-existing relationships and remember living in the prior location, going back to where they have more social support could benefit them.

When you can offer the children better opportunities 

Can you get a better-paying job despite struggling to find work nearby? Are there better schools in the area where you would move and possibly set in your children up for a brighter future? If you can show that the move will give your children access to better opportunities or you a better chance to support them, the courts may agree it would be a good idea.

Understanding what guides the allocation of parental rights and responsibilities and when the courts will modify an existing parenting order can help you advocate for your rights as a devoted parent. 

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