What happens if a home inspector misses a major defect?

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What happens if a home inspector misses a major defect?

| Sep 22, 2021 | real estate disputes

The home inspection is one of the last steps you have to go through before you close on a home. The inspector is supposed to go through the property to look at the condition. They point out things that are problematic so you can address those before you complete the purchase. 

While many home inspections are handled appropriately, there are some instances in which problems aren’t found. In some cases, it’s because the inspector wasn’t able to reach the area with the issue. This can happen if doors or locked or there are obstacles in the way. Broad form disclaimers often note that inspectors didn’t have access to specific areas during the inspection. 

What happens if you find a major defect?

Finding a major defect likely means that you need to get it taken care of quickly. If it’s something the sellers knew about or that the inspector should have found, you may turn to them to rectify the situation. Some might push back against this, so you’d need to be prepared to fight a legal battle.

If you’re going to initiate a legal case regarding the defect, you’ll need to show that the party you’re holding liable knew about the defect. This isn’t always easy, but working with someone who’s familiar with these cases can help.

Anyone who’s dealing with a major defect in a home they just purchased should review the inspection and determine if that was noted. When there’s something seriously wrong in a home you recently purchased, and neither the home inspector nor seller disclosed it, you may opt to pursue legal action for the matter.

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