3 tips for dads seeking custody during divorce

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3 tips for dads seeking custody during divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 13, 2021 | Child Custody

As a father who wants what is best for his child, you may be looking into seeking half or full custody after your divorce. Many men worry that they will be allocated only a small amount of time with their children each week, but the reality is that you have as much of a right to see your child as your ex-spouse.

The courts are not supposed to discriminate against fathers, but despite that, very few fathers obtain full custody. The U.S. Census found that only 17.5% of men were custodial parents.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t be, but it does mean that you should take steps to prepare a strong case. Here are three tips to help you with your custody case.

  1. Be thorough enough

If you intend to claim that the other parent is unfit or ask for full custody because of other issues, it’s time to be as thorough as you can when collecting evidence. Get witnesses, paperwork and other documentation to make sure your claim appears legitimate.

  1. Talk to the other parent about your wishes

The next thing to think about is talking to the other parent about your goals and wishes. If you want to have primary custody of your child, let them know. They may be willing to give you more time with your child and to take visitation instead.

  1. Be reasonable

The court has to approve custody plans that are in your child’s best interests. If living with you and the other parent is more beneficial to them, then the court is much more likely to grant a 50-50 schedule than one where one parent has primary custody most of the time. This is simply because most courts agree that children should see both of their parents regularly, so long as there are no issues that would make it dangerous or harmful to them.

These are three tips to help you as you work toward obtaining custody. As a father, you do have rights. If you have questions or concerns, make sure to look deeper into your legal options.

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