Divorcing in your 40s: Is it really that bad?

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Divorcing in your 40s: Is it really that bad?

On Behalf of | Feb 3, 2021 | Divorce

Getting a divorce is always challenging, even if it’s something you know is for the best. Now that you’re in your 40s, you may think that your divorce will negatively impact your finances and put you behind on retirement. You may worry about how the divorce will impact your adult or teenaged children, too.

The good news is that divorcing at this age isn’t as bad as you may think. Here are three reasons to be more optimistic about a divorce at this time.

  1. You have the opportunity to live a single life happily

In your 40s, your children may be getting older, going off to college or already be out of the nest. If you don’t get along with your spouse, now may be the time to separate. You likely have many years left to live, so separating now will give you the opportunity to rebalance your finances and move forward in a lifestyle you’re comfortable with.

  1. It’s better for your children

Whether your kids are four or 20, not having to see their parents fight or argue is beneficial to them. Resentful parents can make childhood a struggle, so divorcing may improve your child’s mental health and stability at home and school.

  1. You have time to consider your own passions

If your spouse doesn’t like to do the things you do or puts down the activities you love, divorcing now will give you more time to participate in those activities in the future.

These are three reasons that divorcing in your 40s isn’t that bad. Our website has more on what you should know if you’re planning to divorce.

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