Bad construction work can decrease your property value

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Bad construction work can decrease your property value

On Behalf of | Jul 22, 2020 | Construction Litigation

If you pay for remodeling work or have an expansion built on your existing house, you expect that those investments will enhance the property’s comfort and value. After all, modern features and more space can help you command a higher asking price when you sell the property. 

Unfortunately, if the company that you hired doesn’t do a good job, their shoddy workmanship or cut-rate materials could actually negatively impact your property value. What rights do you have when construction defects diminish the value of your home?

If you can prove the defects stem from bad work, you may have options

In order to bring a successful construction defect claim against professionals who have worked on your home, you will need to have some evidence that will help you prove to the courts that the defect was not pre-existing or that their work should have corrected it. 

Provided that you can show that they left work undone, used materials other than what you agreed upon or otherwise deviated from best practices or your contract, you may be able to bring a claim against them for the cost of repairing the damage they did to your property and also for the reduction in property value if corrections aren’t straight forward or won’t totally negate the issue.

In cases with serious issues, like sinking foundations, water incursion or the growth of dangerous mold, a construction defect could have a major and long-lasting impact on the value of the home and how attractive it will be to potential buyers. If you’re struggling with issues left behind from poor workmanship or other construction problems, it may be time to get some legal assistance. 


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