How can construction defects cause water damage?

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How can construction defects cause water damage?

On Behalf of | Apr 16, 2020 | Construction Litigation

When Illinois residents think of problems with construction, what comes to mind first? For many, this may include issues with laying foundation. It may involve siding or shingles. But people may not consider water damage. 

Today we will look at the negative impact water damage has on building owners. We will look at how construction defects have the potential to lead to these damages. 

Issues caused by water damage 

Water damage is one of the biggest problems in construction. Water damage can lead to a bevy of other issues. This includes mold and mildew. It may attract bugs. In some cases, it can even weaken the foundations of the building. 

Even worse is that water damage is preventable in some cases. Sometimes, natural disasters like floods cause water damage. Other times, it is accidental. For example, someone set off a sprinkler system. But sometimes, water damage is the direct result of construction defects. 

Sources of water damage 

Problems with the pipes come to mind first. It is possible that they were not installed in the correct way. This can lead to leaks in the walls. But there are other sources of water damage, too. For example, if a construction crew does not install doors or windows well, there will likely be gaps. These gaps may allow for rain and other sources of water to come into the house. 

Improper insulation also leads to water damage in some cases. For example, if an attic is not ventilated, condensation may collect there. This can get into the insulation material. Once there, it can form mold or mildew as well. 

If left unchecked, these damages can cause great structural stress to a home. If you find problems, it is best to deal with them fast. To read more, visit our linked web page on construction damage and related issues. 

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