Which parenting arrangement is less stressful for children?

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Which parenting arrangement is less stressful for children?

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When you file for divorce from your spouse, it can be hard on the entire family. Divorce is a major life change that delivers unreal pressure and anxiety. If you have children, then you know that it does not only affect you. Your children still have to be your number one priority. As you navigate through a custody battle in Illinois, you may want to consider which parenting arrangement stresses children out the least. According to Time, children of shared-custody parents may have less stress than those who live with only one parent. 

Some parents fear that children that move back and forth between each parent’s houses will have more problems than those who live with only one parent. It makes sense. After all, your child has to adjust to living in two separate homes. While you should expect there to be problems when children experience a major change, it may surprise you what the studies say. 

Shared-custody children do not experience more emotional and social problems due to moving around than those who stay with one parent. A study examined the psychosomatic health problems of children between 12 and 15 years old. Children who live with both parents report fewer issues than the kids who live with a single parent. 

Contact with both parents matters more to children than moving around. When kids can see both of their parents regularly, they have a wider support system. Not only do they have a wider circle, but the children also have access to more resources. 

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