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Are there environmental toxins or pollutants in your new home?

When Illinois residents begin the search for their new homes, they may lean toward an older home. Any number of reasons could have led to that choice such as charm, solid construction, the neighborhood or more. Regardless of the reason, they ultimately found the homes they wanted and never anticipated that the home would contain environmental toxins or pollutants.

After the closing, the new owners eagerly moved in. Each owner may have known some work needed doing in order to make the house fit their visions, but some of them could have stopped any demolition in its tracks due to the dust and fibers floating around in the air. Maybe the demolition had not even begun when the new owners noticed damaged materials covered in a fine layer of what they thought was ordinary dust.

It is possible that the material turned out to be asbestos. It was used in a variety of construction materials up through the early 1990s. The problem is that individuals without the proper training and certifications cannot simply clean up the mess. Asbestos is highly toxic and carcinogenic to humans. It can lead to illnesses that may not appear until decades after exposure and do not have a cure.

Illnesses related to toxic materials such as this one often shorten lifespans or kill outright. New homeowners here in Illinois who later discover environmental toxins or pollutants such as asbestos dust or fibers due to damaged or defective materials could conduct an inquiry to determine whether the seller, a contractor or someone else bears some legal liability for the situation. One way to do that is to discuss the situation with an experienced real estate attorney who can assess the situation, and explain the homeowners' rights and legal options.

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