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June 2019 Archives

Are there environmental toxins or pollutants in your new home?

When Illinois residents begin the search for their new homes, they may lean toward an older home. Any number of reasons could have led to that choice such as charm, solid construction, the neighborhood or more. Regardless of the reason, they ultimately found the homes they wanted and never anticipated that the home would contain environmental toxins or pollutants.

Without trust and equality, a marriage could end in divorce

As most people here in Illinois and elsewhere know, love is a strange emotion. It can create the foundation for a relationship that will last forever, or it can become perverted by issues such as jealousy and inequality. In a marriage where the parties are not equal and trust issues permeate it, divorce could be inevitable.

How divorce porceedings change due to a job loss

It may feel like it to Illinois residents who are in the process of ending their marriages, but life does not stop because of it. Because of this, divorce proceedings can take a dramatic turn when circumstances change dramatically. For example, what happens if one of the parties loses his or her job during the process?