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May 2019 Archives

In 2019, this issue still leads to divorce for some couples

It is 2019, and gender roles within families are more blurred than they have been at any other point in the country's history. Despite this fact, when it comes to divorce, one factor increases the possibility of divorce by 33% -- who makes more money. Societal expectations continue to view the man as the primary breadwinner in the family whether couples live here in Illinois or elsewhere across the country.

Contracts are a common source of business litigation

Illinois companies that enter into contracts with others agree to fulfill their part of them. When they fail to do so, they are said to have breached those contracts by failing to act in accordance with the terms in them. It is not hard to imagine that these disputes would be a common source of business litigation.

'Family-proofing' the estate administration and probate process

TV shows and movies in decades past often depicted close families who, even if they argued, always ended up presenting a united front with no sibling rivalry or other family squabbles. As many Illinois residents know, times have changed. While many families do remain close, some never quite see eye to eye, which could complicate the estate administration and probate process.

Dissolution is necessary when a company closes its doors

An Illinois company could have a variety of reasons for shutting its doors. Even so, simply closing the doors is not enough to cease operations. Instead, a formal dissolution process must occur in order for the business to be considered legally closed.

Is your trust ready for estate administration?

Many Illinois residents conclude that they need a trust to properly execute their plans for their surviving family members upon their deaths. A trust can simplify the estate administration process if everything goes according to plan. However, if an individual fails to take one crucial step -- funding the trust -- those plans could fail.