Why do second and third marriages have higher failure rates?

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Why do second and third marriages have higher failure rates?

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Any marriage is difficult to manage, but the risk of divorce is higher in second and third marriages. If you get a divorce once, statistics show that your chances of doing it again increase if you re-marry. But why, exactly, is this the case?

Many reasons exist as to why subsequent marriages have a higher divorce rate. If you are in your second or third marriage, you may have a lot of questions about this phenomenon. Understanding the causes of divorce in second and third marriages will help you understand your situation.

Emotional baggage

Your first divorce is a heart-wrenching and difficult experience. The aftermath of your first divorce is an opportunity to learn more about yourself, work through the conflicts and become a stronger person. If you fail to handle all the unhealed wounds, such as low self-esteem, hurts and anger, they may follow you into your next relationships and cause more issues.

Playing the blame game

Remarriage is a tricky pursuit if you only blame your ex for all your past marital problems. If you focus on blaming the other person, you will never be able to focus on your role and how you can change for the better. Identifying these issues and working on them is vital to succeeding in subsequent relationships.

Difficulty committing

It can be hard to stay in a marriage for decades, even when you lose the initial feeling of attraction and infatuation. This may be a contributing factor to failing marriages.

Rushing into new relationships

After a divorce, you may rush into your next marriage. This is known as a rebound relationship. If you quickly enter another marriage to feel secure, either emotionally or financially, it may be difficult to maintain in the long run.

While it can be difficult to experience multiple divorces, it is possible to get through them with the right help from people you trust.

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