Did the seller fail to tell you about the construction defects?

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Did the seller fail to tell you about the construction defects?

You think you found the home of your dreams here in Glen Carbon. You love the home, the price was right, and the seller seemed eager to close the deal. It was only after you moved in that you realize some construction defects exist on the property. Now what do you do?

Illinois law requires sellers to disclose defects to potential buyers. In some cases, a home inspection reveals these issues. For instance, there could be water damage traceable to a defect such as a leaky roof, defective plumbing or faulty ground drainage. However, if the water damage is somehow concealed long enough to sell the home, you could be the one dealing with the problem.

You are not necessarily left “holding the bag” as the saying goes. If you believe that the seller failed to disclose this or another defect, and perhaps even took steps to conceal it, you may have legal options. The law allows you to pursue damages against the seller under these circumstances.

You may wonder whether the seller really knew about the defect. This reasonable question will require some investigation. If it becomes apparent that he or she violated the Illinois Residential Real Property Disclosure Act, trying to work things out amicably may not be an option.

Instead, you may need to employ more formal, legal remedies in order to resolve the issue. Your home is more than likely the largest asset you own. Attempting to litigate this matter alone could be disastrous. Fortunately, a Glen Carbon real estate attorney’s experience with cases involving construction defects would prove invaluable to you.

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