Behaviors couples exhibit prior to wanting a divorce

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Behaviors couples exhibit prior to wanting a divorce

On Behalf of | Apr 23, 2019 | family law & divorce

Some Illinois residents may be on the fence regarding whether they need to end their marriages. They feel that something is not right, but may not yet be ready to file for divorce. It may help to understand some of the common behaviors couples exhibit that could indicate that they want a divorce.

Resentment is often a running theme in marriages that are not doing as well as they should. Regardless of the event that precipitated the negativity, one party just cannot let it go. Instead, the resentment continues to grow, and communication, which is vital to any relationship, breaks down to a point where the parties may not even talk much anymore.

If an Illinois couple is not communicating, then they could avoid conflict as well. Issues remain unresolved, and again, the relationship deteriorates. Conversations could be replaced by offhand remarks. Those comments could result in one or both parties feel as though their needs and emotions do not count.

Under these conditions, couples can grow apart. The love and friendship they once shared disappears over time. By the time both people realize this, it could be too late to put the relationship back together, and one decides it is time to go another direction.

In a divorce, people often wonder who “caused it.” Sometimes, the individuals’ lives simply move in different directions. It often happens over time and not as the result of a single event. Regardless of how a couple reached this point, divorce is on the horizon, and each party needs to take steps to protect his or her rights.

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