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Ways the younger generation have changed the face of divorce

In decades past, ending a marriage came with a great deal of stigma, especially for women. As the generations passed and the views of marriage changed, here in Illinois and across the country, so has the way younger couples divorce. With the advent of the digital age, the divorce process continues to undergo changes.

For example, young couples tend to marry older these days. They often already began their careers and accumulated assets. They also view each other more as equals than in generations past. Prenuptial agreements no longer have the same negative connotations they used to for their parents and grandparents. Instead, they take a business-like approach to marriage when it comes to planning for divorce.

Dealing with social media is another relatively new issue that divorcing individuals face. During the marriage, both parties probably had significantly similar friends lists and content on social media. When the marriage ends, this issue needs addressing. Some Illinois residents could end up sitting and "unfriending" people for quite some time. The parties also need to exchange copies of photos and videos taken during the marriage that the other party may want.

Online tools also help couples get organized prior to talking to an attorney. Some sites claim to handle all of the parties' divorce issues. However, since laws and the treatment of certain matters can vary widely, these sites should only provide guidelines, which could at least make appointments with an attorney go more smoothly.

Even though divorce among the younger generation appears to be on the decline, it does not mean that it no longer happens. When a marriage fails, numerous issues require resolution. The outcome of negotiations or court hearings shapes the future of each individual. It would be beneficial to make sure that future is as secure as possible -- regardless of the age of the parties involved.

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