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February 2019 Archives

Retirement plans can change with a late-in-life divorce

While the number of couples between the ages of 25 and 39 here in Illinois and elsewhere ending their marriages appears to be dropping, the number of people ages 50 and up doing the same thing has risen. Older couples may not have to worry about issues such as child support and custody, but they often wonder how the divorce affects their retirement plans. After spending years, if not decades, making plans for their golden years, this time in their lives can leave them uncertain about the future.

Estate planning is often farthest from college students' minds

Many Illinois young people begin their adult lives in college. They feel as though their whole lives are ahead of them and that they have plenty of time to worry about "adult" issues. What they do not realize is that no one knows whether they will end up suffering from serious injuries, a serious illness or even death at any point. For this reason, college students tend not to consider the fact that estate planning should be a priority for them as well.

Ways the younger generation have changed the face of divorce

In decades past, ending a marriage came with a great deal of stigma, especially for women. As the generations passed and the views of marriage changed, here in Illinois and across the country, so has the way younger couples divorce. With the advent of the digital age, the divorce process continues to undergo changes.

Terms in real estate transactions

When purchasing a piece of property here in Glen Carbon, one of the first documents signed after an offer is accepted is the purchase and sale contract. Understanding the language in the agreement could help put a buyer's mind at ease. A couple of the terms relating to real estate transactions are discussed below.

3 mistakes that are common in high value divorces

Divorce can cause complications for Illinois couples who do not approach the situation properly. Though there is no official rule book for marriage and divorce, everything that transpires between spouses has an impact on the settlement. Couples who have considerable wealth and assets often experience delays when tricky issues crop up involving marital property, child custody and spousal support