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January 2019 Archives

Money continues to be a factor in divorce

Illinois couples argue about many things since no one can agree on everything all the time. The difference is whether the relationship can survive these disagreements, and the fact is that some do not. One source of contention that continues to be a factor in divorce is money.

Questions to ask before preparing for estate administration

Most Illinois residents know they need to prepare for the future. They understand that they could suffer an injury or illness that could incapacitate or even kill them, but few people actually want to sit down and contemplate these events long enough to prepare for incapacitation and estate administration. For those who come to the conclusion that it is a necessary evil, it may help to have some direction regarding how to structure a plan.

What drives up divorce filings at the beginning of the year?

It seems as though the beginning of a new year is a time for people to start over and make changes in their lives. How many Illinois residents make resolutions at this time of year to better themselves in some way? They take stock in their lives and look to weed out anything that did not serve them in the previous year. For some people, including many here in Illinois, this includes filing for divorce.

Learn more about breach of contract in business litigation

Many Illinois business owners already have some understanding of what a breach of contract is. However, there is more to this often-cited reason for business litigation than just not meeting the obligations in an agreement. Gaining a better understanding of whether a breach actually occurred could help avoid going to court or at least provide the potential for other avenues of dispute resolution.

What do per stirpes or per capita mean for estate administration?

Most Illinois residents strive to be as fair as possible when it comes to distributing their property after death. They want to take care of their families while making estate administration as smooth and simple as possible. One of the decisions to be made involves how heirs and beneficiaries inherit those assets.