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Another task to complete after a divorce: Estate planning

During a divorce, Illinois residents have a multitude of issues to deal with before the process is complete. Many people think that once the divorce settlement is signed, their work is done and they can move on with their lives. Sadly, many forget another important task that requires their attention now that their marriages have ended -- estate planning, especially if there are children involved.

While married, most Illinois couples depended on the other to take care of the children in case anything should happen to one of them. Now that the divorce is final, it may be a good idea to revisit the issue. Choosing a guardian to watch over and care for the children in the event of death could put everyone's minds at ease. Too many people assume that the other parent will simply step in and continue to raise the children, but that may not be the case for a variety of reasons.

It would help to be prepared for neither parent to be able to care for the children. Moreover, if someone was appointed for this crucial task prior to the divorce, the primary custodian of the children may no longer be comfortable with that choice. Now would be the time to make the change.

Divorce comes with many changes. Fortunately, estate planning is a fluid process that can change when circumstances in an Illinois resident's life change. Reviewing a current plan and making changes to it or creating a new plan where there was none could help answer numerous questions regarding what should happen upon death, especially while the children are still minors.

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