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October 2018 Archives

Buyers may be able to walk away from real estate transactions

Life is unpredictable. Despite Illinois residents' best intentions, it may not be possible to fulfill every obligation or promise entered into. When this involves real estate transactions, some potential buyers may wonder whether they can even get out of the deal.

More money equals a greater chance of divorce

As the economy improves and people begin earning and increasing their wealth again, some Illinois couples could find themselves arguing about money more often. Money has always been a source of tension for married couples, but the more money there is, the more arguments there could be. The research tends to back up the assertion that being rich makes your marriage more vulnerable to divorce.

It's misleading to call a will 'simple'

During the good times in their lives, estate-planning documents probably do not mean much to Illinois residents. In fact, they may not even give them a second thought. However, when they pass away, a few sheets of paper can make a tremendous difference in what happens next. In fact, there really is nothing "simple" about a last will and testament.

Homeowners can take steps to prevent mechanic's liens

Everyone wants to get paid for the work they do. This includes subcontractors who usually rely on general contractors to make sure they receive payment. Similarly, owners rely on general contractors to make sure everyone gets paid. The problem that some Illinois property owners may run into is the fact that the general contractor fails to pay everyone for their services.

Using estate planning to take care of a spouse after death

The average age of the population of this country continues to rise. Even as the number of so-called "gray divorces" continues to rise, many couples here in Illinois and elsewhere remain together well into their golden years. Sadly, not enough of them engage in the type of estate planning that will adequately care for the surviving spouse upon death.