4 reasons why second marriages are more likely to fail

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4 reasons why second marriages are more likely to fail

On Behalf of | Sep 11, 2018 | Firm News

If you are in your second marriage, you may be happy about having a fresh start. Unfortunately, 67 percent of second marriages end in divorce. However, this does not necessarily have to ring true for your relationship.

Why are subsequent marriages more likely to end badly? There are a few common reasons that many failed second marriages share.

1. Rebounding

When your first love ends in a tragic separation, you may seek attention from someone else quickly. This is a natural inclination, but if you do not give yourself enough time to recover and prioritize your life, your next relationship does not have a chance to flourish. Rushing from one marriage to another is just one factor in many of these high divorce rates.

2. Family changes

Remarrying is a whole different ball game. You may face struggles with the following dynamics:

  • Loyalty from children
  • Different family cultures
  • Parenting tasks

A lot of people who enter second marriages have unrealistic expectations about these aspects. It is important to remember that your second marriage is likely to be quite different from your first.

3. Emotional baggage

Divorce is a strenuous process. Your previous relationship issues may leave you in devastation. You must fully deal with the emotional turmoil of your divorce before you can open yourself up to another person. Otherwise, you risk taking your beliefs and bad feelings from your previous relationship to your next one.

4. Different views about divorce

Another cause of second-marriage divorces is the fact some people who remarry may not see divorce as a big deal. If you have been through it before, you may see the second one as a manageable process. Therefore, you may not be as afraid, especially if you see red flags and your relationship begins to deteriorate.

Of course, there are some individuals who can have long and happy second marriages. Approaching a new relationship in a healthy way may help to make it last.

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