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September 2018 Archives

Are video games leading to divorce?

Video game platforms can now bring people here in Illinois and across the world more realistic and immersive gaming experiences than at any other time in their history. This means that many people spend hours of their days playing video games. In fact, data from one source shows that as much as 5 percent of the divorce filings are blamed on one particular video game.

Probate could be challenging in Aretha Franklin's estate

Most Illinois residents may already be aware that in August, the world lost a music legend when the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin, died at the age of 76. Even though other celebrities recently died without an estate plan, it is still surprising that Franklin died without even a will. That means that her approximately $80 million estate will need to go through probate as an intestate estate, which in this case, will probably be time-consuming and certainly expensive.

Gwyneth Paltrow kept her husband's name in the divorce

When ending a marriage, an Illinois woman may want to decide whether to keep her husband's last name. Being a superstar does not preclude an actor from taking her husband's name when getting married. A star may still be known by her Hollywood name, but on paper and to the neighborhood kids, a woman may be known by her husband's last name. For instance, she may be Gwyneth Paltrow to the rest of the world, but in her circle and to the kids at her children's schools, she's Mrs. Martin.