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August 2018 Archives

Making the best decisions for the family pet in a divorce

Many Illinois families have pets. In some of those families, the pets are more like children since many couples are either waiting to have children or have elected not to have them. When the marriage ends in divorce, the fate of the family pet often hangs in the balance.

Including these in a will could complicate probate

The primary purpose of an Illinois resident's will is to distribute property. While that statement may generally be true, there are certain types of property that a will does not distribute. In fact, including some items in this document could complicate probate and cause surviving family members a great deal of consternation, time and money.

Another business formation task: Choosing the right retail space

When Illinois entrepreneurs decide to start a new retail venture, many of them will need a location from which to operate. Choosing a retail space is not as easy as finding an empty space in a strip mall, however. Numerous factors go into making the decision, which makes this an important task during the business formation process.

Will my child support spending be monitored?

The family law court has just issued a judgment on how much child support you will receive, and you are looking forward to your first payment. It can be difficult and expensive to raise children as a single parent, and you need all the help you can get. However, you worry that you might need to keep track of your child support expenses, especially since your ex has been telling you to save your receipts. Does the Illinois family law system monitor your child support spending? Can your ex have a say in how you spend the money?

When business formation includes budgeting for retail space

Money is often an important part of the planning process for any Illinois entrepreneur. This often makes budgeting a crucial part of any business formation efforts. When a new venture includes finding a retail space, it may help to make sure that everything is considered when creating a budget for it.

Use estate planning to make things easier on the family

Most Illinois residents want to make sure their family members do not have to go through anything unnecessary in order to take care of them both before and after death. Estate planning can help make sure that does not happen. Without the proper documentation in place, the state decides where assets go upon death and/or family members must go to court to determine how to handle certain issues.