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April 2018 Archives

Hollywood takes on an unusual type of child custody arrangement

Unless an Illinois couple going through a divorce has researched possible parenting arrangements on the internet, it is possible that "bird nesting" is not something about which they have heard. This unusual type of child custody arrangement has gained notoriety in recent years as a viable way to divide parenting time. Now, Hollywood is taking on bird nesting in a new comedy series, "Splitting Up Together." However, divorcing parents considering this co-parenting option will want to get more information about it from a family law attorney.

Are environmental toxins or pollutants on the property you want?

When you look to buy a piece of commercial property here in Illinois, you obviously have numerous considerations to look into before finalizing your purchase. Your due diligence includes title searches, surveys and financing issues. However, have you considered whether any environmental toxins or pollutants exist on the property that could cause you problems in the future?

Making sure probate goes according to plan

Even though most people do not like to contemplate their own demise, most Illinois residents have some idea of how they would like their estates distributed after the pass away. Without an estate plan in place, those wishes may not be carried out. In order to help make sure that probate goes according to plan, certain steps need to take place.

What kind of real estate financing suits your needs?

When it comes to making investments here in Illinois, how you pay for them often depends on your financial situation. Of course, it would be nice to pay cash for your investments in order to save on paperwork, interest and other issues that go along with real estate financing, but that is not always possible. If you need to seek financing from other sources, you may consider the following options.