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February 2018 Archives

Words have power in construction contracts

Whether you are remodeling or starting a new build, you will more than likely need help. After locating an Illinois construction company with which you want to work, you will then enter into a contract for the work. You may find it helpful to know that the wording in construction contracts has the power to either help or hurt your situation.

No 2 real estate transactions are exactly alike

Whether you want to purchase a residential or commercial property here in Illinois, you will probably follow the same outline as other purchases have. Even though the outlines of most real estate transactions may follow the same path, the details of each transaction make them unique. In addition, those details could make or break a good deal for you.

Can I keep my family from arguing over my estate after my death?

You pride yourself in the closeness and love your family shares. As such, you might not worry too much about what happens after your death. Your loved ones respect each other, and you are sure they can sort out where your heirlooms and mementos go when you are gone. After all, you have already taken care of the important aspects of your estate, such as your home and life insurance, in your will. However, can you and other Illinois residents really expect everything will run smoothly after the funeral?

Divorce in the social media age

Most Illinois residents have at least one social media account such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Keeping in touch with friends and family no matter where they may be on the planet has never been easier. While there are many good things about social media, during a divorce, it could turn out to be more of a hindrance than a help.

Child support nonpayment is a serious family law issue

Raising children can be a struggle. Not only do they need constant care and attention, but they also require the financial support to raise them and meet their needs. After parents divorce, it can be difficult to provide that support on their own, but unfortunately, numerous parents in Illinois may face family law issues due to a parent not providing child support.