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January 2018 Archives

Business formation: Is a sole proprietorship your best choice?

Are you like many other Illinois entrepreneurs who do not like paperwork? If so, as you ponder all of the business formation decisions you must make, you may be considering doing business as a sole proprietorship. While this type of entity has its advantages, you may want to take the time to understand the drawbacks as well.

Making estate administration easier for surviving family members

More than likely, Illinois residents do not want to have to pay any more in taxes than absolutely necessary. This also applies to estate taxes, which is seen as a primary motivator for estate planning. Since most people do not have an estate large enough to worry about estate taxes, they may not think that having a plan is necessary. However, many other reasons exist for having a plan in place, and one of those reasons is to make estate administration easier for surviving family members.

A construction defect can put a damper on your new home

It is an exciting, as well as stressful, time when you have just closed on your home and are getting ready to move in. The last thing you want to discover is something wrong with your house that has the potential to lower its value and make living uncomfortable or even dangerous. Hopefully, the inspection that was made prior to signing the final paperwork revealed any potential problems and allowed you to address them. Unfortunately for many Illinois homebuyers, however, is the possibility of an unforeseen construction defect creating problems down the line.

What kinds of construction defects could occur?

Whether you have a house built, put an addition on your existing home or renovate, you will more than likely need help with the work. This means hiring an Illinois construction company in order to do the work. As such, you place a great deal of trust in those who will be working on your home. Even if you know little or nothing about construction, it may help to have some idea of the potential construction defects that could affect the success of your project.

Can you save your credit in a divorce?

To some extent, finances and credit ratings sustain some sort of damage when an Illinois marriage ends. It is nearly impossible for either party to come out of the divorce process unscathed. However, it may be possible to reduce the potential damage as much as possible in order to allow for a more secure financial future.

It's a new year with new divorce laws regarding pets

Many Illinois couples believe that their pets are part of the family. However, up until recently, the courts considered them property during a divorce. That changed on Jan. 1 when a law went into effect that treats pets more like children during the divorce.