Buy a house with building defects?

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Buy a house with building defects?

You did it! You saved up and bought your first home. It was an exciting thing until after you moved in and found that the home had building defects that the seller or building failed to disclose. What can you do? According to the state of Illinois, you may have legal recourse.

When you buy a home, whether it is an existing structure or a new build, the seller/builder is required to inform you of any known problems with the property in a disclosure agreement. The key words here are known problems. If a seller or builder is unaware of the issue, or at least claims to be, they may refuse liability.

If a seller or builder claims to be ignorant of the damage, it may still be possible to hold him or her responsible. Defects that have been concealed are usually pretty obvious. To find a list of building defects that are often seen in homes, please visit our firm’s website. Here, you will also find information about how an attorney can help you seek compensation for your losses.

Purchasing a new home, whether it is in Illinois or elsewhere, is a significant expense. No one really wants to add on to what they have already spent by having to fix major problems out of pocket right off the bat, due to problems that they were not made aware of during the buying process. If you bought a home only to find it riddled with building defects that should have been disclosed to you, a skilled attorney can help you take the steps necessary to resolve the issue.

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