Reducing your kids’ confusion after a divorce

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Reducing your kids’ confusion after a divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 18, 2017 | family law & divorce

Ending a marriage takes a toll on everyone involved. Divorce can be a confusing time for Illinois parents and children alike. If you are like most Illinois parents, you want to eliminate as much confusion for your children after the divorce. In order to do so, you and the other parent need to maintain some consistency between households.

Even though you do not have to share the same parenting style, sharing the same schedule can be helpful to the children. They often crave routine, and if they know what to expect next, regardless of whose house they are at, it could help them adjust better to their new circumstances. You and the other parent could make establishing such a schedule a priority as you negotiate your parenting plan.

The other thing that the two of you may want to establish is a list of rules for the children. If they believe they can get away with something at one parent’s house and not the other, that could create unwanted problems down the road. If the rules and discipline remain consistent in both homes, it reminds them that you remain united as parents even though your marriage ended.

You can include these and other issues in the parenting plan that you negotiate during the divorce and may benefit from the help of an Illinois family law attorney as you work through these concerns. The more potential obstacles, roadblocks and issues that you discuss and resolve now could make a difference for everyone later. Not only will it help you children move forward, but it could also make the arrangements you make more pleasant for you and the other parent as well.

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