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September 2017 Archives

Business litigation: Are you accused of breach of contract?

When parties enter into a contract here in Illinois or elsewhere, the possibility always remains that a dispute will arise regarding the products or services or the payment for them. If that happened to you, and the other party accuses you of breaching the contract you entered into, you retain the right to defend yourself. There are viable defenses to this type of business litigation.

When finances keep you together during an Illinois divorce

Many Illinois families struggle financially, and yours may be one of them. This could pose a problem if you and your spouse decided to divorce. In order to preserve your financial resources, you may decide to remain living in the same house until matters are settled.

What you do during a business formation affects its future

As an Illinois entrepreneur, you are probably a "glass half full" type of person, and you may not be intimated by the fact that only about half of the small companies formed today will survive to their five-year anniversary. It may make you wary, however, and want to make sure that you do everything in your power to be one of those still standing after five years. You may already know that what you do during your business formation has a profound effect on its future.

What you need to know about disclosure in real estate

When buying real estate in Illinois, the state has specific requirements about what a seller must tell the buyer about the property. This is a safeguard to help ensure the buyer is aware of issues the seller knows about. While it does not take the place of an inspection, it can bring to light issues that the buyer may want to have resolved before completing the purchase.

Where do pets fall when it comes to estate administration?

Millions of Americans, including many here in Illinois, consider their pets members of the family. As such, they may want to provide for them after death. When it comes to estate administration, executors and trustees are tasked with carrying out the wishes of the decedent by making sure they honor the provisions regarding pets.