Scaramucci’s wife makes an uncommon divorce move

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Scaramucci’s wife makes an uncommon divorce move

On Behalf of | Aug 8, 2017 | family law & divorce

Illinois residents who follow the political scene know who Anthony Scaramucci is and that he used to be the Communications Director for the White House. What they may not have known is that he and his wife were expecting a child, but that did not stop his wife from filing for divorce. The fact that she did so late in her pregnancy is highly uncommon.

It might not be a stretch to say that many Illinois couples would postpone a divorce at least until the baby is born — under ordinary circumstances. In this case, Scaramucci’s wife must not think that their circumstances are ordinary. In fact, it could be said that her filing at this late stage of her pregnancy indicates that something is dreadfully wrong.

On the other hand, that may just be what she would like everyone to think. There is no way to know until further details are released regarding her choice. On the surface, however, it does not bode well for Scaramucci. Granted, the couple was reportedly separated approximately five months prior to the filing, but that does not negate the fact that her timing may not have been more unusual.

Every couple and every divorce is unique. When the situation between parties becomes untenable and unbearable, it may not matter what else is going on when the divorce is filed. Even a pregnant woman may simply be at her wits’ end or could feel as though she is in jeopardy somehow and needs to get the proceedings started as soon as possible. What happens thereafter will depend on the parties and the court.

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