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August 2017 Archives

Do you need legal counsel on mandatory disclosure requirements?

The simple answer to this question is, yes. Whether you are buying or selling real estate here in Illinois, having an understanding of the laws applicable to this topic is essential. Having legal counsel on mandatory disclosure requirements could keep a seller out of trouble and a buyer in the know.

Would arbitration be a better way to resolve your issues?

The prospect of spending hours in an Illinois courtroom litigating a dispute may not be enticing. Even so, you and the other party are unable to resolve your disputes on your own. You need another alternative that provides some measure of formality, yet does not mean airing your disputes in public or spending countless hours and dollars in court. If this scenario sounds familiar, arbitration may be the alternative you seek.

How probate goes can depend on how property is titled

When creating an estate plan, you will have several decisions to make. If one of your goals is to help your surviving family members avoid the Illinois probate process, how to do that may take center stage for you. In many cases, how you title your property and how you fill out your beneficiary designations removes the need to probate many of your assets. For other assets, you could use a revocable living trust.

Scaramucci's wife makes an uncommon divorce move

Illinois residents who follow the political scene know who Anthony Scaramucci is and that he used to be the Communications Director for the White House. What they may not have known is that he and his wife were expecting a child, but that did not stop his wife from filing for divorce. The fact that she did so late in her pregnancy is highly uncommon.

What happens if you find one of these construction defects?

Like many other Illinois residents, you may believe that purchasing a brand new home can help you avoid the issues that come with buying an older home in which one or more families has lived over the years. The problem is that even newly constructed homes can have defects. Do the problems with your new home qualify as "construction defects" for filing a claim?