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July 2017 Archives

Thankfully, divorce isn't the dirty word it used to be

From the fictional homes of Hollywood to the homes of Illinois residents, the end of a marriage no longer holds the stigma that it once did. Divorce used to be a dirty word in society, but now, it is a part of life that many people go through. Because of this, many more people are coming to terms with the fact that their marriages just are not working out as they had hoped.

Does fault matter in divorce?

Many years ago, a divorce was only granted if one of the parties could prove that the other had done something so egregious that the marriage had no hope of continuing. These divorces were called “at-fault” and the reasons one could file were enumerated in the state statutes.

The importance of operating agreements to LLCs

Illinois entrepreneurs probably spend a significant amount of time determining the best legal structure for their small businesses. Many of them will decide to form limited liability companies because of the benefits they offer. One of those benefits is bypassing the formal structure of a corporation while avoiding the personal liability issues of sole proprietorships and partnerships. However, even the more relaxed regulations of LLCs do not discount the importance of operating agreements.

Do your construction contracts help or hurt your business?

New building projects, renovations and demolitions happen all the time here in Illinois. Developers and real estate moguls may look to your company to handle the construction. The question is whether your construction contracts help or hurt the success of your business. 

Technology meets family law in child custody cases

Technological advancements bring people here in Illinois and across the country closer than ever before. Now, these technologies may play a part in family law issues involving children. The growing concept of "virtual visitation" could become part of child custody orders.