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News and opinion show host having contract disputes at MSNBC

Many MSNBC viewers in Illinois are familiar with the popular news and opinion show called "The Last Word," hosted by Lawrence O'Donnell. Some may not be aware, however, that the show may be in jeopardy as raging contract disputes appear to be threatening its success, even though ratings are reportedly on the rise. As rumors were making their way through the media, O'Donnell himself finally went public with his take on the situation.

O'Donnell told his fans his current contract is set to expire in early June. He also said he'd inform them regarding where they might be able to watch his show if MSNBC is no longer an option after the expiration date. Although Phil Griffin, O'Donnell's boss, is said to be on his side regarding ongoing contract disagreements, Andy Lack, chairman of MSNBC and NBC News appear to have opposing opinions.

Lack has been accused of canceling successful shows like O'Donnell's without cause. Some say Lack is aiming his cutback sword at progressive shows to gain favor with certain powers that be who may have a more conservative agenda. One source told reporters that media conjecture was making the problem seem worse than it is, and it is likely O'Donnell will be able to secure a new agreement with MSNBC to keep his show on the air.

Contract disputes are never pretty, but are sometimes more easily resolved than others. Often, a key factor in successful resolution is assistance from an experienced business and commercial law attorney. Keen insight and assertive tactics allow many Illinois attorneys to secure victories for their clients by protecting their bottom line interests in court and negotiating fair and agreeable solutions for them.

Source:, "MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell Takes Contract Dispute Public", Joe Simonson, May 17, 2017

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