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Couple says contract negotiation included firewood they never got

A couple in another state is currently battling a particular tree removal service for a refund of money they apparently paid as an initial deposit as per a signed agreement. The couple claims they paid the company half the total price to remove trees from an area where they planned to build their dream retirement home. Contract negotiation also included an agreement stating the company would stack all cut timber as firewood as the job was completed. There may be one or more Illinois couples who can relate to this out-of-state situation.

It all started when they hired the local tree removal service to clear a section of land where their future log cabin would stand. The couple claims that not only was the agreed-upon work not finished by the written completion date, no firewood was stacked, and they were unable to reach the company owner when they tried to contact him regarding the problems. They said when they were finally able to go on site and check the progress of the project, they were shocked to see that trees had been felled on top of other bushes and trees in the area.

The couple also said the work was nowhere near done, and it was already three weeks past the agreed-upon completion date. They demanded a refund (when they finally got hold of the owner) and were instead told they owed more money. Both parties have threatened legal action against each other to obtain solutions to these unresolved issues.

It's understandable a consumer would be upset if obligations and responsibilities contained in a service agreement are unfulfilled. Such problems often cause serious project delays. Any Illinois resident facing contract negotiation problems may seek assistance by contacting an experienced business and commercial law attorney.

Source: NBC Connecticut, "Connecticut Couple Stumped in Tree Removal Contract Dispute", Shyang Puri, Accessed on May 3, 2017

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