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May 2017 Archives

Criminal charges filed in situation connected to child custody

Family law situations involving children are often especially challenging. Illinois parents currently navigating contentious divorce situations as well as unmarried parents battling over child custody may relate. Emotions typically run high in cases that are intensely personal, and on rare occasions, things get a bit out of hand, leading to criminal charges against one parent or the other.

Feil siblings no longer fighting over real estate contracts

CEO of the Feil Organization, Jeffrey Feil, and his siblings recently announced they have come to an amicable agreement regarding a contentious squabble ongoing between them since their mother's death more than 10 years ago. The situation involved real estate contracts, as well as their individual inheritances. Such circumstances are often quite complicated, even if parties disagree over a single real estate property in Illinois rather than an entire portfolio of properties in another state as these siblings did.

Who decides child custody issues if parents disagree?

Throughout Illinois and across the nation, many families are learning to adapt to new lifestyles after parents end their marriages in court. Divorce may be chosen as the most viable option in many circumstances, but that doesn't mean it's always easy; in fact, it almost never is. Where child custody issues are concerned, emotions tend to run quite high on both sides. When parents are unable to resolve their differences, the court steps in.

Need answers to questions regarding new operating agreements?

Many Illinois business owners are currently considering mergers and acquisitions as viable options for diversification or intensified focus in certain market niches for their companies. When two or more companies merge, a new, single business entity is formed. Along with merging business assets,  a blending of companies often necessitates the need for new operating agreements.

News and opinion show host having contract disputes at MSNBC

Many MSNBC viewers in Illinois are familiar with the popular news and opinion show called "The Last Word," hosted by Lawrence O'Donnell. Some may not be aware, however, that the show may be in jeopardy as raging contract disputes appear to be threatening its success, even though ratings are reportedly on the rise. As rumors were making their way through the media, O'Donnell himself finally went public with his take on the situation.

Parents who divorce will want to keep these things in mind

Parenting, in general, is a rewarding yet often challenging experience. When Illinois parents divorce, the challenging aspect often intensifies. This is not surprising, since even under the best circumstances parents have to develop new plans and transition to new lifestyles in separate households while trying to keep their children's best interests at heart.

Parents land favorable court decision re real estate contracts

Many Illinois parents know what it's like to squabble with adult children. Such situations often cause serious breakdowns in familial relationships. Some families even wind up battling one another in court, as made evident by a recent case involving a grown daughter and her spouse. They got into a dispute with her parents. Real estate contracts in family situations have the potential to spawn intense disagreements.

Why would a billionaire secretly sell artwork during a divorce?

Severing marital ties tends to be a highly emotionally charged situation, often evoking feelings of frustration and anger when spouses disagree about pertinent issues. Many Illinois residents understand what it's like to go toe-to-toe in court with a soon-to-be former spouse in heated battles over child custody, property or finances in divorce. In fact, some people apparently resort to behaviors not typically favored by the court.

Cost versus value: Careful business formation leads to success

Many Illinois residents dream of owning their own businesses, but only a few will actually bring their ideas to fruition. Business formation can be quite challenging, and this causes some to quit before they ever launch their product or hang an "open" sign over their doors. Understanding what causes many startup plans to fail may help prevent various problems down the line.

Couple says contract negotiation included firewood they never got

A couple in another state is currently battling a particular tree removal service for a refund of money they apparently paid as an initial deposit as per a signed agreement. The couple claims they paid the company half the total price to remove trees from an area where they planned to build their dream retirement home. Contract negotiation also included an agreement stating the company would stack all cut timber as firewood as the job was completed. There may be one or more Illinois couples who can relate to this out-of-state situation.