Navigating the civil justice system in contract disputes

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Navigating the civil justice system in contract disputes

On Behalf of | Apr 19, 2017 | Contract Disputes

When an Illinois resident signs an agreement with a financial lender, he or she becomes responsible for fulfilling any and all obligations therein. If the person believes another party has failed to adhere to the terms of an agreement, or has in some other way breached a contract, a lawsuit can be filed in a civil court to rectify the situation, if needed. Contract disputes are not that uncommon; however, many are quite complicated and difficult to resolve without experienced assistance.

A woman in another state is currently battling a contract issue against a financial lending company from whom she secured a loan in 1995. At that time, she agreed to make monthly payments for the next 20 years. The woman claims she has clearly satisfied all the terms of her contract; yet, the lender apparently claims that she still owes in excess of $5,000.

The woman apparently thought enough was enough and made the proactive decision to address the matter in court. She claims she is the victim of predatory lending practices. She seeks a trial by jury and hopes to receive compensation for actual and punitive damages.

In Illinois and all other states, people often allow experienced business and commercial law attorneys to litigate contract disputes on their behalves. In addition to being less stressful, this type of advocacy often obtains swifter results in court than one would be able to accomplish without formal representation. Anyone facing current contract problems in this state can request a meeting with an attorney to discuss a particular situation and determine the most viable option available toward a solution.

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