Ways to avoid stress during divorce

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Ways to avoid stress during divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2017 | Divorce

When you got married, you likely never imagined you’d one day be standing in an Illinois courtroom fighting for custody of your children. While most couples hope their unions will last a lifetime, the reality is that many marriages are at some risk for divorce. What makes one couple decide to stay together and another to divide their assets and go their separate ways is different for everyone.

One thing is certain: divorce is seldom easy. So many decisions have to be made, especially if children are involved. For those who have been married for two or three decades, it can be quite overwhelming to begin single lives after so many years as spouses.

To prevent stress levels from rising too high, those navigating the divorce process can take proactive measures, such as enlisting the help of a skilled negotiator to address emotionally charged issues where disagreement exists between spouses. Some people find that taking up a new hobby or reaching out for support to a trusted confidant or therapist also helps maintain a peaceful mindset, even when difficult problems must be resolved. There are also people who find that putting their thoughts in writing helps relieve stress.

If a particular divorce issue is so problematic that tempers are flaring and no progress is being made toward an amicable agreement, it may be wise to discuss the situation with an attorney who has helped others in similar situations. McCarthy & Allen are committed to providing customized service that helps their Illinois clients keep divorce stress to a minimum. Our main goal is to protect your interests and help you achieve an agreeable settlement that sets the stage for a successful, happy future.

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